Mind Body Connection


Mind-Body Connection 

Each time we use the Wifsom aromatherapy Inhaler we are creating muscle memory by attaching a particular smell to a positive thought and feeling.  What we have is the ability to change our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours by developing new positive thought patterns.

New positive feelings allow our mind and body to work together to create new, positive experiences in your life.  

The more you reinforce and repeat your new thoughts the stronger our neural connections become, it is very important to understand that our own thinking, how we think and what we choose to think about? creates our life experiences. 

We must learn to focus on positive empowering thoughts and interrupt any negative thoughts by choosing not to entertain those negative thoughts, reject them, delete them, let them go.  We will always have negative thoughts something we can not stop, but what we must NOT do, is spend time dwelling, entertaining on those non serving thoughts for periods of time. 



Let this Image be an example of the mind, as nobody knows what they mind looks like I believe this stick person is a great example.  The conscious part is our intellect, our thinking part we have the freedom of choice, to think of any idea, thought you desire.

The subconscious part is known as our feeling, emotional part of our mind, The language of the subconscious mind is feelings.   Whenever we feel happy, sad or angry it is our subconscious mind expressing itself.

All of our habits, behaviours, emotions, memories, programming is stored right here.  As you can see within this diagram what ever impresses the subconscious positive or negative must express itself through the body, the body being an instrument of the mind.  




To change our results we must consciously engage our thinking conscious part of the mind, by choosing a positive thought, from there we must allow ourselves to get emotionally involved with those new thoughts in order for the body to experience our ideas, thoughts and wishes. 

The subconscious mind can not reject any thought that is infused with emotions.  This is why it is so important to learn to listen to our feelings, if we do not like how we are feeling, we must go to the conscious part of the mind and choose a different thought, the more you do this the easier it becomes, and through repetition of this action, your old negative habitual thinking no longer has control over you, now the mind is controlling our body no longer is the body controlling our mind. 


What is your attention on?

Focus on the things you want, what you desire what makes you feel good. Where energy goes energy flows!

Become so descriptive with what you want in your life?  Get out a piece of paper and start answering these questions, please add more questions and answers to your list .....


  • What type of job or business do you want?

  • What are you passionate about?

  • What countries would you like to visit?
  • How many hours per day do you work?

  • What type of building do you work in?

  • Describe your day, what are you doing?

  • What type of partner do you want, how tall, colour eyes, hair, how do they dress?

  • Where do you go when you are together?

  • Do you want to become a parent, get married?

  • How much Income do you earn?
  • Where do you live, apartment, house out in the country or maybe near a beach?

  • What are your strengths? 
  • What makes you feel happy?


Become so descriptive as you can be, your brain is set up to give you exactly what you want. It is your job to turn these ideas, thoughts and impress your subconscious mind by becoming emotionally involved with your desires, goals, suggestions until they become part of your belief system.

Remember what we believe to be true, becomes true!


How to create new thought pattens?

We first must create new constructive thoughts before we can replace the old negative thoughts.  When learning something new, neurons communicate making a new connection in your thinking brain (neo-cortex) making your brain physically change, this is known as neuroplasticity.

Our brain is constantly changing in response to new information, memory and experiences. Our state of being changes constantly in reaction or response to our beliefs, feelings and emotions. 

We must learn to engage our higher thinking (conscious part of the mind) and decide whether we want to entertain a negative thought or not? Ask yourself? Is this thought going to help me move towards my goals or is this thought going to hinder my success?  Make that decision for yourself. Only you will know.

When we experience something, we take information in from our 5 senses which cause neurons to organise themselves into a pattern, this triggers an emotion that enhances the experience, making it easier to remember, once in place the brain releases a feeling/emotion which then becomes an experience.

Positive thoughts + positive feelings + expectancy all lead to positive results in your life.  Repeating the same thought and feeling strengthens neurons to stick together, a new positive habit is becoming your experience and your environment

Learn to expect the best! When you do, you automatically switch your energy increasing your vibrational attraction, when you are living on a higher frequency no fear, no doubt, no anger can exist here. 


Why are positive affirmations so important?

Our brain is set up for success but we must tell ourself exactly what we want to achieve, otherwise it will run the show when this happens we are controlled by our body and no longer is the mind in control.  Setting a goal is so important, we are all creative beings and function at our best when we set a goal, our goals must be something that makes up feel good, when we feel good we want to achieve more, become more and do more.

Positive affirmations will help us take conscious control of our thinking when we do this the mind becomes in control of the body. When we are consciously choosing thoughts and feelings that mirror one another we hold the power to create our life experiences. 

It is not just positive thinking, it is re-wiring our brain so we can achieve our goals, needs and desires.

When we say our affirmations at first we may feel like we are telling a lie? That little voice inside of us saying "oh you can't do that, remember when that happened to you" "you are not good enough", "no one will ever really love you" "Who do you think you are"  This is normal, do not panic!  This is nothing more than your old habitual programming running the show.  The program is the cause of emotions, our behaviour, choices, our habitual thinking this is why our results have not changed. The program must be updated and replaced with new information that mirrors our goals.

How to change the program? Through daily repetition of listeninig to audio programs, saying your new affiramtions over and over again, visualising yourself with your goal, seeing, feeling and believing that you already have your goal. It is the only way to reprogram your subconcscious mind. 

If it is success we want we must act and think like a successful person, a successful person would not entertain negative thinking or have self doubt in taking action? A confident person would not feel scared, bothered what others may think? They would stand tall, shoulders back smile, you can just feel the positive energy that comes off them, they have what you call a "magnetic personality". 

Your new way of thinking and feeling will create a positive attitude, creating a new desired behaviour, all leading you to new positive actions and through action we get new results. 

A quote from Emerson I would like to share with you 

“A man is what he thinks about all day long”


Start to think right now, that you are confident, happy, talentedloving, successful, right now, you just need to make a decision and convince yourself, and how we convince ourselves is shown in the audio programs.