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Wifsom Aromatherapy Reduce and Love Nasal Inhalers

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Two beautiful blends to keep you thinking and feeling positive emotions. Increase your self-love and confidence and at the same time motivating you to stay on track with your new thinking and your new choices.


Inhale 3 times into your nose whilst closing the other nostril. Slowly release your breath and repeat: 'I am enough' Add feelings of gratitude for yourself right now. Repeat when needed. Please note, use your positive affirmation each time you use your inhaler to gain full benefits.



For external use only. After each use replace the cap tightly. Not suitable for children under the age of 12 years old. If pregnant or suspect you are,  under doctors' care, consult your physician before use. Store in a cool place.*Wifsom inhalers are not treating or preventing any disease.