About Us



My name is Nicola O’Donnell I am qualified holistic Mind-Body practitioner & business owner of Wifsom - change your state of mind.

My desire and passion in life is to encourage, support and empower people to change how they think, feel and act in order to achieve happiness and success.

Through my love of neuroscience and aromatherapy I decided to combine both together and found out that they are a match made in heaven!

The enjoyment I received from blending my own essential oils together, writing Ebooks and recording audio programs was such a wonderful experience.  I have always used essential oils for years with my own family and always enjoyed how they made us feel, very effective yet both natural and gentle at the same time.

As a certified mind body practitioner I wanted to offer my years of knowledge and passion into a easy to follow digital program. Your personal development coach available to you 24/7!

That is why I created coaching in a easy to use digital download, your very own personal coach with you anytime you need calm, reassurance, positive empowerment, filling your mind with positive auto suggestions to help you to program your mind and body with positive thoughts and emotions, helping you develop positive daily routines and really become in tune with who you really are.

For years I tried to achieve new results and every time I was faced with the same results, only through studying gaining knowledge of understanding, I became aware.  My thoughts were always positive but my feelings were not mirroring my thoughts therefore my attitude and self image was in complete opposite to my positive thinking. 

Through applying this knowledge, and by taking daily action you too can break free from years of negative emotions,  maybe feeling like I was, frustrated my results were not changing, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, smiling on the outside, but inside not feeling really happy.

Thinking maybe it was not possible to have  areas in my life happy and successful? Then the self-doubt would start, one big negative habit loop!

If this sounds familiar to you? Which I am sure it does, change only happens when you stop doing what does not work and do something different. It all starts with what we truly believe about ourself? Our self image is a reflection of what is going on inside, as within so without, unless you know how to change the within the without can and will not change. 

I am confident once you commit and take daily action using this proven system, you too will be able to change your thoughts and feelings in order to change your self image and when you do, you too will feel inner peace, increase your confidence and self-love, gain purpose, and feel joyful within. 

If I can, so can you:)

Nicola x