About US



What is Wifsom? 

Wifsom is a New Zealand company owned and operated by Nicola O'Donnell a certified holistic mind-body practitioner, and aromatherapist. 


My Objective is 

To help people improve their mental and emotional health through the use of a simple effective product that is affordable, easy to use and offers the best essential oil ingredients to achieve great results. 

After spending some time coaching clients I noticed a very common pattern with clients I was working with. 

The reason why people where feeling so low, disengaged in life,  not feeling good enough? is simply through their own negative self-talk/thinking, and the beliefs they have formed of themselves from past experiences. 

This is when my research began......Having achieved my diploma in holistic mind body practitioner course and having dived deeply into neuroscience and mind body connection.  I discovered that we all have the power to change our brains through the repetition of new positive thoughts, new feelings and taking positive action. 

My next part of developing wifsom was aligning my second diploma and love for aromatherapy, I studied each essential oil and created specially formulated blends that can help a person achieve their desired state of mind, essential oils can help to counteract negative attributes and encourage positive attributes. 

Knowing that essential oils have the power to increase self confidence and change our moods instantly after direct inhalation.  I decided to create nasal essential oil inhalers -  a simple tool to use anytime of the day to override those negative words we say to ourselves!

When trying to create new habits it really does take consistent daily action, thereby the nasal inhaler is quick and easy to override negative self-talk on the go, when life presents challenges we can feel stuck this simple holistic tool is to help people move past the doubt, stress, and feeling hopeless to a place of opportunity, love, joy and calm. 

Within days you are on your way to successfully re-train your brain to become familiar with new positive and empowering self-talk, and our specially blended essential oils can help to balance hormones, and release tension from your mind-body leaving you feeling supported and uplifted.

All our products are made right here in New Zealand we handcraft small batches for optimal freshness and we put love and positive intention in each product so you can enjoy the health benefits from each of the essential oils. 


I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit of what Wifsom is all about


With love 

Nicola x  

 changing peoples mindsets one at a time