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Wifsom is a New Zealand Owned Company Who Are Passionate In Helping People Create New Healthy Habits To Achieve A Happy Positive Mindset.

We Have Proudly Developed A Unique Way To Train The Brain Through The Application Of Our Specially Blended Therapeutic Essential Oil Inhalers And Theta Brain Training Audio Programs To Re-Program The Subconscious Mind. That Audios Are Recorded By Nicola O'Donnell, A Certified Holistic Mind-Body Practitioner and Aromatherapist.

All Of Our Products Are Hand-Made In Auckland, And We Source All Of Our Natural Organic Ingredients From Quality Suppliers Right Here In New Zealand.

As A Mum Of Four Sons And Having Experienced Natural Home Births Myself, Combined With My Certifications I Decided To Inspire Woman By Developing The "Holistic Birthing Essentials Box" To Encourage And Educate That Every Woman Has The Right To Give Birth With Confidence, Love And Trust. Giving Birth To A Baby Is One Of The Most Natural Things We Can Do As A Woman And Why Not Look At Natural Alternatives To Help Your Experience Be A Happy One.

We Teach You How To Prepare Mind-Body And Soul For A Happy, Healthy Pregnancy, Labor And Postpartum? And How To Achieve A Positive Mindset For A Confident Natural Childbirth And Into Your Motherhood Journey.

"When We Change Our Thinking, We Then Change Our Life Experiences"

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Wifsom essential oil Inhalers help you change your thinking, feeling and behaviour in seconds so you can successfully create a positive state of mind that you prefer; Happy, Energised, Calm....?

Wifsom Energise Aromatherapy Nasal InhalerWifsom Energise Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler

The Holistic Birthing Essential Box

  • Holistic Birthing Labor Oils

    A Natural Pain Relief To Use During Labor To Ease Anxiety And Reduce Pain. 100% Organic Essential Oils Infused In Organic jojoba Oil.


    🍃 Promote relaxation
    🍃 Improve contractions
    🍃 Relief from nausea and headaches
    🍃 Reduce anxiety
    🍃 Uplift your mood
    🍃 Enhance wellbeing during and after birth

  • Self-Care Prenatal & Postpartum Magazine

    A 32 Page Self-Care Magazine That Every New Mum-To-Be Needs.

    Learn How To Apply Aromatherapy Oils To Reduce Stress And Anxiety During Labor? Discover How To Train Your Brain So You Can Feel Empowered And Confident During Your Labor?

    How To Mentally And Emotionally Support Yourself After Child Birth?

    How To Support Your Mind Body And Soul With Our Six Simple Step Plan?

    Plus Many Extras For You And Your Precious Little One.

  • Birthing Meditation Audio

    Enjoy A Deep Relaxing Meditation Audio To Prepare Mind-Body And Soul For A Confident Stress-Free Birth.

    Give Birth With Love, Trust and Confidence, Your Body Already Knows What To Do, You Just Need To Train Your Mind.

    "My body knows what to do , I was made for this"

  • Stretch Mark Oil

    Organic Avocado and Jojoba oil infused with Mandarin (Citrus madurensis) essential oil. Apply daily to your beautiful growing bump. This oil was made by hand to help you take the time to love and appreciate yourself

    When applying this oil to your body use the time to talk to your baby and yourself by saying some loving words;

    "My baby is growing healthy and strong" "I am a strong capable woman, "I am grateful for my amazing beautiful body"

    Your mind, body, and soul will reap the benefits. Enjoy......

  • Postpartum Bath Oil

    After child birth it is so important to take care of your body. The postpartum bath oil is the perfect natural remedy for you. Lavender organic essential oil and organic avocado oils will help to ease, soothe and repair any discomfort you may be experiencing.

    A great time to soak, relax and appreciate yourself by saying some loving words. " I love and appreciate my body" " I am relaxing more and more"