Wifsom Essential Oil Nasal Inhalers

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Calm Mind , Calm Body

Stress starts in the mind and swiftly moves into the physical body, causing tight muscles, shallow breathing, headaches, and insomnia.

Inhaling a Wifsom Relax Inhaler can help to dissolve and release the stress (negative energy) allowing the nervous system to rest and recover. Bringing you back to a calm natural state ready to choose a positive thought.

Wifsom Relax
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Elevate Your Mood In Seconds

While we breathe in the essential oils, the various molecules penetrate the limbic system (emotional brain) which responds by releasing neurochemicals, these chemicals trigger the area of the brain called the olfactory - known as our sense of smell.

Scientific evidence shows that inhaling essential oils may be one of the fastest ways to create physical and psychological changes throughout the body decreasing anxiety, anger and even fatigue.

Essential oils can impact memory, balance hormone levels and overall support a healthy limbic system.

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Increase your Self-Love

Loving yourself is the foundation of self-respect and self-worth knowing that you deserve a better life for yourself.

Reach out for a Wifsom Love, and start affirming your positive affirmations - this beautiful blend can help to soften and open your heart to allow love to flow in and out.