How To Use Your Inhaler?

1.Remove cap, deeply Inhale into each nostril while you close your other nostril.

2. Inhale for 3 seconds and slowly exhale for 3 seconds, repeat into each nostril 3 times and then immediately after Inhalation say your positive affirmation 3 times out loud or quietly in your mind.

3. Repeat when needed. 

4. Replace cap after use.

The whole purpose of the Wifsom aroma Inhalers are to change your state of mind to bring your attention back onto positive empowering thoughts and override worry, doubt, fear, lack of focus and motivation.  The therapeutic oils and your new positive words will act to restore calm, find clarity, uplift your mood which will help to change your state of mind in seconds!

Do you use pure essential oils?

We proudly use 100% pure organic therapeutic essential oils, no chemicals, no nasties! Each inhaler has the recommended safety number of drops for adults plus children from the age of 7 years.

All Inhalers are BPA free and we are proud to use organic cotton wicks. 

How long will my Inhaler last?

From the date of opening your inhaler can last 6-8 weeks depending on how often you use it, so please remember to replace your lid tightly so you can enjoy the aroma longer and remember to store in cool temperatures. 

Which Wifsom do I use to complete the brain training audio programs?

6 Steps to Reduce we recommend, Reduce or Energise inhaler and you could incorporate love for inner self-healing.

6 Steps to Success - we recommend Focus or Energise.

6 Steps to Freedom -  we recommend any of Relax, or Energise,

Whatever goal you are wanting to achieve? Your Wifsom Inhaler is helping you to attach a positive feeling/emotion/memory to your chosen scent of Inhaler. Helping you to re-live your happy moments of feeling confident, feeling energised, feeling focused, successful, reminding you to choose positive thoughts so you can change your state of mind in seconds. 


How often can I use my inhaler?

You can safely use your inhaler as many times as needed. This is a very safe effective way to use essential oils.

I have suggested adults 4- 6 times and Children 3 -4  times per day, however, if you do need to use more frequently then it is safe to do so. If you have any adverse reactions please discontinue usage.

Not to be shared with your loved one or friends due to hygiene reasons, Instead, share your amazing experience and send them to the website.


Is it safe?

Inhalation is one of the safest ways to use essential oils for psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression, SAD, mood swings, problems with memory, focus and concentration.’ As mentioned by Robert Tisserand on his website:

Aromatherapy Inhalers are great because they limit the exposure of the absolute minimum - short-term sniff- and therefore carry the lowest risk. 

There is no need to limit the use as long as you do not see any adverse reactions, however, if you do experience any adverse reaction it is vital to stop using your Inhaler 


Loss of sense of smell? 

Some people have lost their sense of smell after having Covid and this can be emotionally upsetting for some people.  You can take the time and start olfactory training to reactivate your sense of smell by using your wifsom inhalers and spending time to try and remember a time/memory when you could smell a certain essential oil. 

When doing this it is important to set aside 10 minutes and just allow yourself to smell the scent a few times and try and link a familiar time in your past when you were able to smell flowers or imagine smelling a fresh bouquet of red roses. How would you feel, happy? uplifted?

Please visit my FREE You tube video https://youtu.be/pJZRNjkyJlo on how to successfully learn olfactory training to reactivate your sense of smell. 


Can I get a refund?

Sorry we do not offer any refunds on any of the digital audio programs. We do offer refunds on physical items. See below for full terms and conditions. 

We hope you are always satisfied with your Wifsom products, if you do need to return any physical products? We offer 100% back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, beyond this time sorry we are unable to refund.  The original shipping service will not be refunded and once items are returned in original packaging we will happily refund your money on the credit card you used to purchase. 

Sorry refunds will not be issued for "change of mind". 



Terms and Conditions:



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If you are pregnant are suspect you are pregnant, have epilepsy or diabetes it is imperative that you seek the advice of your doctor or health care provider before purchase.

Should you have any reactions to the use of the oils please immediately stop using your inhaler, Wifsom Limited is not responsible for any allergic reactions and trust that you are aware of your own allergies before use.

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