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BUY 3 Wifsom's & Get 1 Free Brain Training Audio Program

BUY 3 Wifsom's & Get 1 Free Brain Training Audio Program

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Calm, Energised, or Focused. Whatever you need to feel in your life we have that covered in this wonderful pack.

Directions of use;

Decide what state of mind you want to experience. Calm, Content, Happy, Uplifted, Focused?

How to achieve your desired state?

1. Inhale deeply using your chosen Wifsom essential oil Inhaler x 3 into each nostril

2. Say something positive about yourself

" I am worthy", " I love and approve of myself"  "I am calm and confident,

I've got this"

3. Hold an image of yourself being in your desired state and smile


You are instructing your brain on how you want to feel and the more you repeat your positive statement the quicker you can re-write your beliefs and achieve your desired state more often. 

The therapeutic benefits from our specially formulated blends will bring clarity to the mind and healing to the body allowing you to activate your state of mind whenever you need to!

Use when needed. 

100% Organic Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends. BPA-free Inhaler and Organic Cotton Wicks. 


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