Give Birth With Confidence And Trust Your Own Body


We women are extremely powerful nurturing beings, and one of our key roles in life is to birth a child.

I am here to inspire and teach women that we all have everything right now inside of us to birth our baby/babies with confidence, trust, and self-belief.

I believe through personal experience the secret to giving birth is to surrender to all fear, let go of the what if's and go with the flow.  When we surrender, we can let go and allow our body to guide us; doing this is far easier than fighting and resisting what is taking place. When we resist, we become tense, fearful, and anxious, which causes us to swim against the tide instead of allowing the natural flow of water to move us gently and safely to our destination.

Labor is no different; we should go in the direction in which our body naturally wants to move in, which means if you have an urge to get into a position; on all fours, squatting or standing? I suggest you listen to your body.

Your body already knows what to do, and once you connect to your higher self, you will feel more confident, and all anxiety will naturally reduce. When full labor begins, the body releases natural endorphins allowing the body to carry on during times of stress and pain, such as childbirth, and the same endorphins are released when we are doing high-intensity exercise. The endorphins act by restricting the pain perception impulses sent to the brain.


Imagine given birth feeling confident, in control, and empowered? Well, you absolutely CAN just like millions of other women have too. Using powerful tools such as positive affirmations, visualization, music, and aromatherapy can work beautifully together helping you to have a positive experience.


I have personally experienced four natural drug-free births and three of my births were in the comfort of my own home; our third son was a home water birth. However, he had a different plan and decided to come very quickly, not a drop of water entered the birthing pool, thankfully my husband stepped up and into my absent midwife's position, and he did an amazing job. Looking back, I was not scared at all I knew that everything would work out and it did, we delivered another beautiful, healthy baby boy (I trusted my body, maintained a positive attitude, and as I expected it did not let me down).


I am confident that the holistic birthing essentials box will help to prepare mind-body, and soul for a positive birthing experience and give you some powerful tools and techniques to help you transition into motherhood with confidence.


I can honestly say if I had this information the first time around as a new mum, I would have given myself the support and self-care I deserved, so please take the time to love and nurture yourself through your pregnancy and after the birth of your child. You can always take the time to love and support yourself no matter how busy you think you are.


When we take the time to appreciate ourselves and nurture both mind and body, we really do reap the benefits inside and out, and the people around us greatly benefit too.


So from one mother to another, wishing you a life of joy, health, and abundance with your new baby, and remember; "you are amazing right now" and you absolutely CAN handle it."

With love and blessings 

Nicola x  

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