How To Clear Blocked Emotions With Essential Oils?

Emotions are nothing more than energy in motion and over time the more we ignore those emotions they sit stagnant within our body, when we try and move out from our comfort zone they signal a sign to our brain (limbic brain) and trigger a memory. 
Good news is that emotions can be released once we get on board and start to listen to our feelings. we then can start to identify them, and attach a word to the emotion.  
Just like EFT (emotional freedom technique) instead of tapping on 9 of the meridian points we use specially blended therapeutic essential oils to release  trapped emotions. The essential oils work by dissolving the negative energy within the helping to bring balance and harmony within. 
How many times have you set a goal and not achieved it? 
How many times have you reacted with the same impulsive behavior or made the same choices that hinder you success of reaching your goal?
What if you could release the cause and move forward an achieve your goal?
How would you feel?
How much would your life improve?
TIME TO LET GO - here is how;
Simply bring your awareness to the emotion, sit with it connect with it, name it and then deeply Inhale using your Wifsom essential oil nasal inhaler, after a few inhalations you will start to find the emotion soften, dissolve and release. 
Once we start to identify the emotion through speaking out loud and naming the emotion for example;
I'm feeling judged or I'm feeling nervous? 
Start to recognise where in your body do you feel this nervous feeling?
Stomach? Chest? Back? Throat?
So now you have named it, you have found where in the body you feel that emotion, now let's go back and attach a memory to when you felt this way?
Your brain will transport you back to a time in your life when you felt judged, ashamed, angry, anxious etc.  Your mind will start to form an image of when you felt this way just like replaying a old movie. 
Once you connect with that emotion and memory simply pick up your Wifsom inhaler and take a few deep inhalations x 3 
Time now to say a positive statement about yourself for example;
If your emotion was anger?  Say I am calm, I can handle this, I am safe
If your emotion was anxious?  Say I am confident, I can do it
If your emotion was not good enough? Say I love and accept myself,  I have faith love and trust in my life. 

Sit with your new thoughts for a moment connect your new words to a positive feeling within, smile and enjoy your new state of mind. 
After the essential oils have done the work, (dissolved the trapped emotion) you can go back again and revisit your memory.
You may notice that your own perception has changed?
You may smile and instantly let it go?
If you still feel the emotion within?
Do it again identify it, where in the body? Sit with it be with it, and then use your Wifsom inhaler and feel the emotion dissolve, repeat your new positive statement allow yourself to feel the new positive feeling within and give thanks for it. 
When I did this I was surprised how quickly my perception changed, what I had once thought and carried into my adult life was not as scary or hurtful at all. When the feelings are so intense we often attach a false negative belief about who you are. 
The brain is set up to keep us safe, what I had perceived from my experience was such a strong negative emotion my brain recorded that event and went out of its way to protect me so I would never feel that way again, unfortunately, it also kept me stuck with a false belief and carrying a nervous pit of doubt around in my stomach every time I tried to advance professionally.  So take the time listen, connect and let it go.... replace with a new positive statement about who you really are  -
Time to start saying to yourself these types of words;
Amazing, kind, powerful, intelligent, creative, loving, healthy, confident, beautiful/handsome, wealthy, talented, generous, abundant being.