Wow, felt a million dollars after listening to the audio, so relaxed and confident within myself. It really did make a difference to how I felt. It's going to be a great tool for me, and the inhaler is perfect to whip out at work. Thanks Nicola!



Wifsom inhalers and 6 Steps to Freedom audio program gave an incredible booster of my forgotten ability to synchronise the perfect balance between mind and physical body. In the busy, hectic life, I needed badly some little magic to help me overcome recent health and personal matters and I found it in these little wonderful inhalers. My favourite is the blue one-RELAX and the red one- ENERGISE. The smell is beautifully intense, from the nature and instantly opens up my senses, leads to reorganising my thoughts and supports the warmth of the vivid feeling of happiness. I'm in love with them! I'm not sure what exactly magic is in there but I can assure you - it works. One of the best things that happened to me this year was discovering Wifsom! With gratitude -

Magdalina, Christchurch


I've always loved neuroscience and essential oils. Wifsom has uniquely managed to blend the benefits of both, combining the powerful and hypnotic brain training audios with beautiful aromatherapy inhaler blends for a truly unique approach to reprogramming the brain and mindset! A unique idea that actually works. Thank you!

Viki Thondley Moore


Your audio books and Wifson inhalers have truely been a life changer for me.
I have learnt so much about myself and have become a stronger person from it. I really believed I couldn’t change the way I felt and that this is just who I am and something I had to deal with. I was having panic attacks week after week, I stopped going out in public and shut myself away from the people I loved the most. I have been on medication for 4 years and they’ve never stopped me from having months where I felt so low.
You have taught me how I can change my state of mind and how to get myself out of a low. I am now able to calm myself down before I have a panic attack. My favourite inhaler definitely has to be the “relax” one. I use it when I start to get anxious. I am now able to leave the house, go out in public by myself and I am in general a way happier person.
Thank you so much for getting me to where I’ve wanted to be for so long and reassuring me that life is good and that I can do this :)

Beth xx


For a long time now I have been trying to find something that had a more holistic approach to weight loss - Wifsom Reduce Progam has given me that as I have noticed that my thoughts and habits have been changing even without me being conscious of it. I've been listening to the Wifsom Audio program morning and night and I have really enjoyed it. The inhalers have also been a great tool as I use them to trigger a new thought or habit. The scent is strong and divine! Even thinking about the smell triggers good feelings. I understand that this is a slow process as its not just about changing the food that goes in my mouth but about changing my ways of thinking. Thanks Wifsom for giving me the extra tools I need to make a lasting difference. ...     

Debby, Queensland


I have been using the Wifsom inhalers for several months now and the benefits have been amazing. It has helped me to negotiate life in a more grounded way, reminding me that taking a few minutes anytime, anywhere for positive affirmations really can calm the mind and relax the body. Thank you Nicola - I love your passion and enthusiasm, your awesome personality, the genuine care you have for the wellbeing of others and of course your amazing inhalers.

Tina Robinson Office Manager


It was very easy to download the app and pdf to my phone, I found listening to the soundtrack incredibly relaxing and was able to stay focussed on all her words, and when listening in conjunction with the wifsom inhaler, I could feel the positive effects almost immediately.

I’m finding the whole experience using the Wifsom program and inhaler so helpful with my mindset and enables me stay focused on obtaining my goal through out the day. Thank you so much Nicola.



Absolutely Love the Wifsoms and the way Nicola has crafted this product.
I really enjoyed the Energise Wifsom and used it to stay motivated and on track especially when I needed that extra boost at the gym and in pressure situations! I have also been using the Relax Wifsom before bed and my quality of sleep is much better. I believe Wifsom is a natural alternative to many unhealthy medications. Would highly recommend this product for anyone wanting that performance edge or even to become a better version of themselves!!! 10/10

Caleb Cross