The Power of Essential Oils






Essential oils are affordable, accessible, effective and versatile and have there own unique intelligence.  

Just one drop of therapeutic essential oil contains a whooping 30 trillion molecules.  We have 100 million cells in our bodies, just one drop of therapeutic oil contains enough molecules to cover every cell of our body with 30,000 molecules.  The oil molecules send information to cells to cleanse receptor sites so that they can bring the body back to a natural state.  The oil will address the cause of the disease at a cellular level by deleting misinformation and reprogramming correct information so that the cells can function properly and in harmony with one another.

Essential oils have a deeply balancing effect on our mind, body and spirit, both gentle and natural.  

Plants and humans are all children of nature sustained by the same life force.  These wonderful oils have been used since ancient times in the treatment of physical and mental issues, not only are they safe they can be used over the long-term. 

Certain essential oils can help to regulate your nervous system, regulate your hormones, blood pressure and heart rate.  Essential oils can impact memory balance and overall support a healthy limbic system. 

"Inhaling essential oils can positively enhance brain function"

While we breathe in the essential oils, the various molecules penetrate the limbic system (emotional brain) which responds by releasing neurochemicals, these chemicals trigger the area of the brain called the olfactory, known as our sense of smell. Scientific evidence shows that inhaling essential oils may be one of the fastest ways to create physical and psychological changes throughout the body, working towards promotion balance.” 

Therapeutic benefits of inhaling essential oils
1. Reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone)
2. Increase mood and energy
3. Enhance brain function
4. Support a healthy Limbic system (part of the brain that has some control of our mood, memory and emotions.
5. Support symptoms while your body heals
6. Strengthen adrenal glands.
7 Rewire your brain with new positive thoughts while inhaling your Wifsom essential oil Inhaler.

Today, aromatherapy is popular not only in spas but also as a way to relieve labour pains, reduce chemotherapy side effects, and promote restful sleep.

A study from the Mie University School of Medicine found that patients with depression needed smaller doses of antidepressant medications after citrus fragrance treatment. Another study from the University of Vienna demonstrated that when the scent of orange oil was used in dental clinics, female patients exhibited decreased anxiety. These studies suggest that some fragrances may have a clinically quantifiable effect on mood.

A Yale Scientific Article noted

"Indeed the olfactory system is the only sensory system that involves the amygdala and the limbic system in its primary processing pathway.  The limbic system is part of the brain that has some control of mood, memory and emotions

The direct connection between scent and the limbic system is likely why scent triggers memory, as well as certain scents have powerful effects."

Smell and Memories 

Our sense of smell has an amazing ability to mentally take us back to previous memories or emotions, each time we go back to a past experience we release emotions within the body as if that event is happening right now.

You can create a positive experience through the use of your Wifsom aroma Inhaler you can train your mind to connect your aroma to a positive word/ thought/moment or even a successful experience. This all can be cleverly applied when completing any of Wifsom audio programs. 

The olfactory system is also connected to the hypothalamus, pituitary, nervous and endocrine systems, thus playing a larger role in hormonal health and impacting our emotional state producing a sense of well-being. 

The olfactory system is the only sensory system that involves the amygdala and the limbic system in its primary pathway.


The Olfactory System



Examples of therapeutic benefits of Inhaling essential oils

Bergamot - Reduce anxiety

Frankincense - Grounding, Helps with emotions

Peppermint - Increase focus, and endurance

Rosemary - Focus, mental clarity 

Cinnamon - Decrease hunger

Lavender - Promote sleep and relaxation 

Essential oils help to decrease, stress, anger, guilt, tension, irritability and Increase good emotions of love, joy, calmness, focus, confidence, optimistic, gratitude. Essential oils will help you to achieve balance in your life, where there is balance there is health and wellbeing. 


Essential Oils Can Increase Your Vibration

Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man  creating an environment in which disease bacteria, fungus cannot live.  Inhaling therapeutic essential oils will increase your vibrational frequency in just 3 seconds. 

David Stewart who wrote the book "chemistry of essential oils" said

I believe the chemistry and frequencies of essential oils have the ability to help man maintain optimal frequency to the extent that disease can not exist. 

The human body has its own frequency also known as a energy field the frequency is measured in hertz a healthy human body is around 62-70 MHz.  The measured frequencies of essential oils have been shown to go as high as 320 MHz this oil rose (rosa) essential oil.  Lavender has a frequency of 118 MHz and sandalwood has a frequency of 96 MHz.  A healthy frequency sits around 70 MHz oils entrain the cells of the body to increase their vibratory rate. 

So the next to you are feeling yucky, out of balance a simple inhalation of your wifsom aromatherapy inhaler will help to bring you frequency back to a healthy state increasing your own natural electromagnetic vibration and restore coherence to your electric field to maintain wellness and produce healing. 


​Wifsom Aroma Kids Inhalers 

Kids can get stressed, we all remember being back at school, exam time, worrying about what our friends think of us?  For some children this can become quite overwhelming and a stressful experience.  Sometimes this time of their lives can be emotionally and mentally challenging, this is why we offer wifsom aroma kids Inhalers, a easy, safe convenient way to reassure, increase their self esteem, encouraging your child to think positive, reminding your child that they always have the choice to change their attention from negative situations and experiences and to focus on positive more serving thoughts 


Wifsom aroma inhalers can naturally build resilience, bringing awareness to how powerful their minds are, starting at a young age with affirmations is so important to build a positive mindset, ready for teenage and adult life.  Creating positive habits and positive beliefs at a young age will help them soar into adult life. 

One of my favourite blends for children is our CALM Blend

Cedarwood - Calming nervous tension and stress.

Lemon - Cheerful, sweet, positively uplifting

Mandarin - Switch off an overactive mind, promoting restful sleep

At night add a couple of drops of peppermint and lavender into your child's diffuser always remember to leave a door open

1 drops of each oil is sufficient and remember never use essential oils on children under the age of 3 years old.