Start the bonding process while you are pregnant



Why wait until your baby is born to start the bonding process?

Within the holistic birthing essential box I have developed two organic body oils  and serenity relaxing salts to encourage woman to tune into their own bodies. 

To take the time to love and appreciate their bodies and to start the bonding process with their growing baby.  Through using our senses touch (feeling) and positive thoughts and affirmations (positive self-talk) 

When we connect thought and feeling (mind and body) together we become connected to who we really are.

During your pregnancy 

Your baby starts to hear noises from around 5 to 6 months and later on they can start feeling your emotions so when you are feeling happy they feel it too and when you are sad and upset they also feel those emotions. The products will encourage you to be gentle, kind and loving to yourself. 

The mind creates our thoughts, holds our values and forms our beliefs.  It believes everything you say and is always giving you what you want, based on your thoughts and words.  When we understand how the mind body works we hold great power to create our life experiences.

So take the time to work on your own mindset throughout your pregnancy, doing this will help to empower you during labor and the postpartum period. 

"Thoughts become things, if you see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand".   Bob Proctor