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6 Simple Steps to Freedom Digital Audio Program

6 Simple Steps to Freedom Digital Audio Program

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Why Settle, When You Can Enjoy Living Life To The Fullest! 

Start Right NOW  

With Six Simple Steps to Freedom Audio Program 

 Inside this audio program, you will learn all of the below and so much more!

  • Transform your self-image
  • Create a positive mindset
  • Learn how to empower yourself with positive self-talk.
  • Develop daily habits that will kick start a healthy mind and body.
  • Let go and dissolve negative limiting beliefs once and for all!
  • Emotional healing with essential oils to dissolve stress, anxiety, and worry. 
  • Get into alignment with your needs and desires (brain and heart coherence)


How you feel and what you believe about yourself is a true reflection of the limiting beliefs stored within your subconscious mind.  

Whatever you believe to be true? Becomes true..... 6 Simple Steps to Freedom will help re-program your subconscious mind to believe you absolutely CAN achieve your needs, wishes, and desires.

6 Simple Steps to Freedom is a brain-based audio program, combining;

  • Neuroscience
  • Modern psychology, 
  • Aromatherapy. 

Once we acknowledge the negative emotion trapped within the body we then can go to work and release and dissolve the negative emotion that is the cause of our negative thoughts and feelings and is normally the reason why we feel trapped having the same experiences year after year. 

Through repetition of new positive information and daily action, you will soon feel confident, happy, your self-worth and self-appreciation will increase.

Your brain will start to become so familiar with your new words, images, thoughts, and your old negative self-talk and thinking will soon become so quiet you will no longer hear it. 

 Your new words of;

"I AM Enough"

"I AM Loving and Lovable"

"My Confidence is Increasing, every day" 

"Life loves and supports me"

 And through action, change happens.


The program is recorded using theta frequency, theta brain state is the perfect state where the brain and heart are highly coherent increasing energy both in the brain and heart, you will feel a greater level of awareness of time, body, and environment.

Your brain becomes highly organized, It's a well-known fact that "order Is Heaven's First Law"; when you have order in your mind about what you want, the universe will begin to attract it straight to you - so right away, we'll get clear on how we want to Think, Feel and Act and Six Simple Steps To Freedom helps you DO just that!


This product is downloadable - All audio programs, e-books, and guides are for "personal use only" and strictly can not become reproduced, copied, or assigned to another organization.  


It is recommended to use your Wifsom nasal aroma Inhaler during the audio and outside of this program. 

Your Wifsom nasal Inhaler will become your on-the-go support to relieve you from stress, worry, doubt, helping you to override your negative self-talk and replacing it with new positive affirmations. (repeat when needed). 



      Each Program you will receive


  • 30 Minute 6 Simple Steps to Freedom Audio with and without Intro (headphones required for maximum effect)

  • Guide (mind knowledge and techniques on how to create change and form long-lasting habits that will help you take positive daily action.)

  • 1 FREE Wifsom Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler
  • 10 Minute Power Within Meditation (as Neville Goddard said "feeling is the secret")!

  • Daily Gratitude Journal  (Write down every day, 10 things you are grateful for    " I AM so happy and grateful now that......................"  ) allow yourself to feel grateful within when you read each affirmation back to yourself. 

  • The Power Of Essential Oil EBook (discover the healing properties of essential oils, and how essential oils can improve health and wellbeing)


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