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Holistic Self Care Magazine For Mums To Be

Holistic Self Care Magazine For Mums To Be

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Receive one FREE Wifsom Labor Relief Essential Oil Inhaler with every magazine

Inside the magazine you will learn;

How to achieve mind-body connection through the application of aromatherapy oils and positive affirmations
Give birth with love trust and confidence using visualisation techniques
The benefits of essential oils
Essential oils for you and your baby
Bonding tips

How to listen to your feelings?
Why does self-talk matter?
Six simple steps to support mind body and soul
Little reminders to support you emotionally and mentally
Learn to quiet the mind and go within
Self-care check-in
Romance after childbirth
Exercise after Birth


Hi, I am Nicola mum of fours sons and business owner of wifsom as a certified mind-body coach and aromatherapist.

I am passionate to bring my knowledge plus experience of having four natural drug-free births, 3 home births, and one birth freestyle (which was amazing and not as scary as it sounds, it was in fact my easiest)!

I have written this self-care magazine to help women feel empowered emotionally and mentally by sharing some simple holistic tools and techniques to achieve mind-body connection,  learn how to train their subconscious mind so they can feel strong and capable for their beautiful journey ahead. 

"You are worthy of a confident calm birth " and you absolutely CAN handle it"!

With love

Nicola x  

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