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Wifsom Birthing Meditation Audio Download

Wifsom Birthing Meditation Audio Download

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Give birth with love, trust, and confidence

Enjoy a 20-minute deep relaxation brain training program recorded by Nicola O'Donnell a certified holistic mind-body coach, and aromatherapist.

During the audio, I help you to prepare your mind-body, and soul for a calm stress-free birth that you truly deserve.

With the power of positive autosuggestions deposited into your subconscious mind, and visualization exercise, your new truths, and needs can become your identity.

This audio is recorded using theta frequency theta brain state is the perfect state where the brain and heart are highly coherent increasing energy both in the brain and heart, and you will feel a greater level of awareness of time, body, and environment.


The audio is recorded using theta frequency and should not be used whilst driving or using any machinery, the information on this audio is for educational purposes. 

This audio is strictly for "personal use only" and can not be copied, reproduced, or assigned to another organization - thank you


It is recommended that you start to listen to this meditation daily at least 28 days before your due date.

It is recommended that you listen to this meditation first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening as your subconscious mind is easier influenced at these times. 

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